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I am a distinguished artist and passionate knitter.  I was born and raised in Romania where I learned the European way to knit.  When I was ten years old, my sisters, cousins and myself spent the summer with my grandma, Joanna.  Grandma believed us girls needed something to do with our hands to keep them occupied. Grandma said, "I do not want you to spend all summer bouncing the ball so I have decided to teach you sewing, crocheting and knitting.  I want you to remember all your life that if you can develop a hobby like this you will be a happy person...never bored, always patient, and never feel lonely."  Out of all the grandchildren, I was the only one who discovered I had a unique gift for designing and knitting my own garments.  I discovered that I had a passion for knitting.  Simply, I love to knit.  I love to help others learn to knit and to watch them creat something for themselves from beautiful yarns.  Knitting brings me joy and happiness and helping others develop a passion for knitting also brings me joy and happiness.

The first garment I designed and knitted was so loved by one of my lower school teachers, that she asked if she could buy the sweater.  Thrilled with the idea of making money from my newly learned craft, it inspired me to eventually attend the School of Art & Design in Romania.  

I came to this country from Romania in 1990 with my husband after the revolution.  It was challenging to find work because;  because of language barrier.  However, I managed to find various jobs in technical illustrating with Ford Motor Company . With two small girls and becoming a single mom, I made the decision to put to use my sewing and knitting skills to work to support my family as a sole proprietor in my own design studio.  

In 1996 I opened a small shop in Birmingham, Michigan and decided to focus entirely on my knitting by offering to do custom work, but to also become a knitting instructor.  Later I moved my store to Royal Oak, Michigan.  

With my girls almost grown, I am starting a new chapter in my life.  Who knows where the road will lead?

Knitting Classes are available on:   Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays From 11am to 4pm or 5pm-8pm

Contact us at 1-805-450-1768

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